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Swimrun Sainte Marguerite
Cannes Sports
8.4 km 50 m 50 m
Arrive at the landing stage, take east towards the pier of the sailing club where you will enter the water to approach the first section of swimming to exit at the “Pointe du Batéguier”. Then take the coastal path running to the bunker that will indicate the second point of entry where you will have to swim towards the open sea to get a sufficient depth of water. You will get out of the water at the end of the cove before the “Pointe du Dragon”.
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Go around, by the coastal path, the ball oven and the belvedere of the “Pointe du Dragon” towards the third water entrance, arrived at a yellow fire hydrant, you turn a right to get there. After this section of 250 meters of swimming you will go out by a small stone staircase. The next running section will take you to the beach of the Grand Jardin (mythical start of the annual race between the two islands). You will swim to a staircase that will take you to the next race section that will take you to the far east of the island. At the relay antenna, you will find the path of the sea to undertake the fifth section of swimming that will take you to the island of Tradelière at first ("island seagulls" that we strongly advise not to set foot on the ground), and towards the point of convention in a second time. You will return to the coastal path to the sixth section of swimming that will be the longest and will lead you to the Crimean Cemetery. Then you follow the path passing behind the Fort Sainte Marguerite. You would pass in front of the entrance of the fortress before joining the pier to finish your route.
Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Trace n°92792
Cannes (06)
Marking :
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Maximal altitude : 33 m
Minimal altitude : 0 m
Longest ascent : 50 m
Longest descent : 30 m
Estimated duration : 2h
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