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Evaluated Track - ITRA
Orobie Ultra-Trail® 2018 - Bergamo Urban Trail
19.6 km 540 m 450 m
départ Colognola Al Piano (IT)
arrivée Colognola Al Piano (IT)
Bergamo Urban Trail is a trail running race of 20 km with 700 meter of total ascent. Its formula of night race with departure and arrival in Bergamo passing trough Parco dei Colli has been designed to involve even more practitioners and enthusiasts. Departing from Bergamo, Campo Utili (BG) and arriving in Bergamo Città Alta with a time limit of 4 hours.
Points of Interest table
Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Competition organized on 07/27/2018
Trace n°54706
Ascent threshold : 3 m
Distance threshold : 30 m
Smoothing : Yes
Origin of altitudes : MNT Google
Dominant terrain : Path
Max alti. : 459 m
Avg alti. : 321 m
Min alti. : 267 m
Longest ascent : 140 m
Longest descent : 120 m

Elevation profile
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