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Certified Track - ITRA
Trail Del Monte Soglio 2016 - Gir Lung
64 km 3430 m 3430 m
départ Forno Canavese (IT)
Trail running race on the trails of Alto Canavese. With a ring route will cross the territory of 10 municipalities along trails and dirt roads immersed in Nature among pastures, woods, old houses, streams, mountains, hills and scenic ridges. TMS Gir Lung is the longest race of the Trail del Monte Soglio and is the only one that passes on top of the Monte Soglio. The first part of the race winds between 500 and 1300 meters and along the pleasant "Sentiero del Gallo" allows gaits run average. The second part salt in higher with a uniuc rise of 1400 meters to the summit of the Monte Soglio on the scenic "Sentiero Balcone". After rocky peaks and breathtaking views you will return to the starting point with a last ride through forests of beech, birch and chestnut trees. Refreshments are each about 10 km and on arrival, as usual, ends the sport day continuing well into the night in fun party with rivers of beer :-) . By the Trail del Monte Soglio mountain areas will enhance and restore ancient paths now forgotten. The intent is to promote the Trail Running on the trails of "Alto Canavese" as a means to strengthen the physical and developing the mind. On the Trail del Monte Soglio have to run for the sake of it, so there are no cash prizes, there are times very large gates and maximum times that allow you to finish the race even at slower! Runners are invited to: - Respect for the environment - Respect for others - Self-respect
Points of Interest table
Accum. Intermediary
POI Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
compet Competition organized on 05/28/2016
Trace n°16046
Ascent threshold : 3 m
Distance threshold : 0 m
Smoothing : No
Origin of altitudes : GPS
Dominant terrain : Footpath
Max alti. : 1978 m
Avg alti. : 1069 m
Min alti. : 509 m
Longest ascent : 1310 m
Longest descent : 1230 m

Elevation profile
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