Read before creating a track
  • Verify that the track that you wish to create does not already exist on Trace de Trail.
  • Do not forget that Trace de Trail is 100% dedicated to trail-running…
  • Do not be surprised if your track is renamed; we do this to guarantee a web-site which is both homogenous and of quality.
  • You are a competition organiser : purchase a premium or premium+ subscription to add the “official route” label to your track.

If in doubt, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact : we will not fail to answer you !

Here are several rules to respect when naming your route correctly :

  • Use geographical characters, for example summits, passes, villages through which your track passes.
  • Do not state the distance in the name of your track (this information is available elsewhere), except possibly to distinguish a competition route.
  • Do not put information linked to the trip that you have made (length of the route, weather...) ; think however to add a realisation to your route !
  • Do not mention the starting area, it is already in your track's characteristics.
  • For all competitions, state the year of the event in the name of the track.
  • Use capital letters only for the first letter of your track's name and at the beginning of your own name.

Please respect these rules, otherwise your trace may be closed or deleted if your private track quota is reached.

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